Breakfast Crunch 06h00 - 09h00

Frontline Express 09h00 - 12h00

The Paul Rotherham Show 12h00 - 15h00

Wild Drive 15h00 - 18h00

With Paul Roterham

With Sizwe and Kelly


The Frontline Express with Sizwe and Kelly, giving you trending news, fashion, entertainment scoops and so much more, its Vibes only and laughs one way.

With Leonie and Dewald


The aim of the show is to entertain listeners after a long days work with a verity of “On the spot “ feedbacks of the days headline news. The goal is trying to adhere to our slogan “Here to make you smile”.

With Karen and Barry


You can go anywhere in the World but no Breakfast is as Crunchy as this one! Tune in every morning, Monday to Friday for the loudest, crunchiest, craziest and tastiest breakfast show in Ekurhuleni. Catch your breakfast team, Karen and Barry, between 6-9 am. They will get your morning started the right way with good conversation, lots of laughs and the best vibes. Tune in for the latest news, stories, entertainment and hot tracks.On the show you will find features about feel-good moments to honest opinions, great interviews with really interesting people and everything else to start your day

Music Lane 18h00 - 21h00

With HunTer Leite


HunTer takes you down Music Lane with music for every mood. She chats about your favorite music for that perfect Friday night, Rain or Shine, Braai or kuier and of course even those chilled nights at home.


Music Lane, there’s music for everyone. Come be part of The EFM Tribe!